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Tumeric and avocado Body butter


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Skin Lightening Whipped Avocado butter and Shea Butter

Pure & Natural

Lightening, Tightening & Revitalizing

:- In our Skin Lightening whipped avocado and Shea Butter we used all those natural ingredients & plant extracts to help target pigmentation in the skin.

Our unique, natural, highly effective formula is lightweight, oil-free, non-greasy and extremely gentle for any skin types, and suitable for everyday use

. Whether you have dark spots, dark shading, or discolorations on your face, body, hands, or arms from sun damage, old acne

. The cream is a highly effective solution that will eliminate the skin discolorations that are so difficult to get rid of! The cream doesn’t brighten skin instantly but after using a while a powerful brightening complex visibly boosts skin clarity, translucency, and evens skin tone.

Infused with sunflower oil and grape seed oil reduce the look of age spots and other discolorations and makes the skin so smooth, supple and looks more youthful.

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Tumeric body butter, Avocado body butter


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